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We all love decorating our houses. When some guest come into your house and see the decorations and types of vanity you have installed in your bathroom, it will put a good impression on them. There are thousands of different vanities designs available in the market. You can buy different designs and match them with your house furniture. But it is recommended to order a custom-made vanity because in this way you have so many choices and you can make designs according to your mind.


​          If you are an expert in this field then you can make a vanity for your house but if you are not then it is better to hire a professional and tell him what is in your mind. Following are some steps to design a good vanity.


          Know the total size of your room where you are planning to install your newly made vanity. If you are planning a vanity for bathroom then most bathrooms have horizontal vanities. Sit with your carpenter and tell him about what size of vanity you want.

          The main thing in every vanity is its mirror. But other components may differ for example if you want a vanity for bathroom then instead of installing drawers you will need sinks. In case of bathroom vanity, decide how many sinks you want and how many of them will look good. Remember always prefer quality over quantity.

           Always choose the style depending on your furniture’s designs else the vanity will look very odd in your house. Actually, this is one of the reasons that people prefer custom made vanity because in this manner you can design a vanity that looks just like your furniture.

          When you finish designing and creating a custom vanity, don’t install it alone. Put somethings on its sides because alone it may look bad. Some extras are always the best for room decorations.

          After designing everything, give the order to the carpenter and recheck in case you forgot something. Rechecking and revising always help us to correct our mistakes. Because if you have made a mistake in choosing the size and layout of the vanity then it may no fit in your room or bathroom and your whole plan will fail.


​          There are pros and cons of both pre-design and custom-made vanities we will to talk about of them and will leave on you to decide which one is better.


          Pre design vanities are those vanities which are available in the markets and are sold by brands. You can buy them in every furniture markets. Some points about pre design or built in vanities are:


​          The producers of pre design vanities do not tell you what quality of product they are selling. You can never rely on the quality of pre made furnitures that are sold in brands and furniture markets.

          It is rarely possible that you may find a vanity and its design matches with your furniture’s design. The vanities that are sold in market are pre designed and this design will not be as same as your furniture’s design. This is where custom made vanities win over pre designed vanities.

          Finding a vanity whose size is perfect for your room size is another problem. The size of the room of every house is different and manufacturers only make standard size of vanity. It is possible that your room does not have a standard size and in that case it is not recommended to buy pre designed vanities.


          Custom made vanities are those vanities which are designed and made according to your requirements. These types of vanities are preferred for many reasons. Some benefits of having a custom made vanities are:


          The custom design that you choose for your vanity will be very unique and you will not find such designs anywhere else. The vanities that are sold in markets are common and you will find those designs everywhere. By getting a custom made vanity you will have a unique view in your house.

          When you are ordering a custom vanity for your room, you will select the size which perfectly fits for you room. This helps a lot when you have a limited space available in your room and you cannot install  vanity on any wall other than some specific wall.

          Know that custom made vanity is indirectly made by you. You can customize it in whatever way you want. You can add multiple drawers, customize mirrors and fancy stuffs.

          It is obvious that you will select the best quality of products to design a vanity. You don’t want to waste your money in some bad quality wood. On other hand, when you are buying a pre designed vanity, you don’t know what type of quality they are providing. So it is recommended that don’t waste your money in pre designed vanities. Consume some time and create a custom vanity of your choice. You will not regret it.

          By making custom made vanity you can introduce new ideas in the market. You can even start your own business and become a entrepreneur. Who knows that maybe your design becomes a trend someday.


          This article clearly proves that custom made vanities are best. Although they require more

Money and time but believe me it is worth it. The Quality of the product will be thousand times better than what you will get in the market. So don’t rush in market, call your carpenter and plan a creative vanity for you beautiful room. Surely your family will love it.

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