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Everyone in this world has a different taste whether it’s in food, costumes, or even designs related to beds, walls and even the kitchen. Humans are mostly attracted to exotic designs.  We sleep in our beds everyday from 10 to 6 or if you’re a late night owl, then you wake up usually at around 2pm in the afternoon.  Rather than talking about your sleeping habits, the point is that you spend almost 40% of your life on a bed. But recently in the market, there are custom designs that are coming to the wall bed designing industry. Before this there were only beds either made out of steel or wood. In this article, we will be talking about seven custom wall bed designs you should know about.


Walls beds are simple beds that are integrated into the wall. When you fold them down they turn into modern designs of desks, tables and even sofas. They come in a variety of sizes, and offer maximum space and functionality.


Just like a regular bed, walls beds come in a variety of sizes ranging from adult sizes to beds for kids. When choosing a size, consider who will use the bed? Is it for the guests? Or is it for a daily basis. How much space do you have for maximum functionality? Always measure the space before you buy a well bed. A Murphy bed is a super save space that after being folded has enough space for you to walk around it. Measure the area where you will integrate your wall bed, that way you may know the accurate idea of how it will look when it’s unfolded. They come in three types of sizes.

  1. Twin
  2. Queen
  3. Bunk Beds


Twins or single wall beds are great for kids with limited space. These beds are great for children as they allow the children to make their creativity on such beds. These beds can be colored and stained. The twin bed can accommodate a single person.


              A Queen bed is a large bed. It can easily accommodate two people and even one single person can use it for himself comfortably. That is the reason such beds are called queen beds.


              Bunk wall bed is a set of two different beds one on the top of the other. Each bed can accommodate a single person. These beds are good for children and even for those who live in shared apartments.


              The wall beds are the image of creativity. They show how human can make things according to his comfort. Wall bed designs are the best option when you have limited space of room. You can simply get a wall bed and when you don’t want to use it, you can just change it into something else or maybe even just a wall. Different types and designs of wall beds are available and all of them have different purpose. Some of these designs are:


As the name suggest, these beds disappear when you fit them back into the wall. Meaning when you are not using your bed then you have a completely empty wall where you can put some other stuff temporary. The bottoms of such beds are painted just like the paint of your wall and the bottoms are also flat surfaces. So when you close it back into the wall, the bottom of the bed will just look like a part of the wall.

If you have a separate room for your children in your house and you are looking for a bed which they will love, then you should consider this bed. These wall beds turn into black boards when to close. You children can write and erase anything on the black bottom of these wall beds. Meaning your children can have a bedroom in night and a classroom during day time.

This one is very popular and quite useful as well. When your room is so small that you cannot put a sofa and a bed together at the same time, then you should consider a wall bed which turns into sofa when we close it. These types of wall beds are getting more popularity than ever. We can put two things in single room without getting more space.

These beds are tricky when they are closed. You can never tell whether the cupboard is a closet or a wall bed. These wall beds look like cupboard when they are closed. Don’t try to put your cloths in these cupboards because they just look like cupboards but they are not.

When you want to install a wall bed but don’t want to spend more money then you should consider a cheap wall bed. These beds don’t have any closing or opening mechanism .i.e. piston or springs. Meaning you have to open and closing it manually with some extra force. These beds are not reliable but they are good when they are cheap.

These beds give the perfect combination of office cabinets and a bed. On the two sides of the bed, there are enough shelves for you to keep your books. When this bed is closed it looks like some cabinets. When some guest visits your house, they will never realize that this cabinet like structure contains a queen bed in it.

These are the smallest of wall beds. They look like a small dressing cabinet when closed, and when you pull them out there mechanism look like some rolling spring.


              No doubt wall beds are the best choice for rooms no matter if you have enough space or not. These beds give some modern vibes when you enter the room.

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