We all love decorating our houses. When some guest come into your house and see the decorations and types of vanity you have installed in your bathroom, it will put a good impression on them. There are thousands of different vanities designs available in the market. You can buy different designs and match them with your house furniture. But it is recommended to order a custom-made vanity because in this way you have so many choices and you can make designs according to your mind.


​          If you are an expert in this field then you can make a vanity for your house but if you are not then it is better to hire a professional and tell him what is in your mind. Following are some steps to design a good vanity.


          Know the total size of your room where you are planning to install your newly made vanity. If you are planning a vanity for bathroom then most bathrooms have horizontal vanities. Sit with your carpenter and tell him about what size of vanity you want.


          The main thing in every vanity is its mirror. But other components may differ for example if you want a vanity for bathroom then instead of installing drawers you will need sinks. In case of bathroom vanity, decide how many sinks you want and how many of them will look good. Remember always prefer quality over quantity.


           Always choose the style depending on your furniture’s designs else the vanity will look very odd in your house. Actually, this is one of the reasons that people prefer custom made vanity because in this manner you can design a vanity that looks just like your furniture.


          When you finish designing and creating a custom vanity, don’t install it alone. Put somethings on its sides because alone it may look bad. Some extras are always the best for room decorations.


          After designing everything, give the order to the carpenter and recheck in case you forgot something. Rechecking and revising always help us to correct our mistakes. Because if you have made a mistake in choosing the size and layout of the vanity then it may no fit in your room or bathroom and your whole plan will fail.


​          There are pros and cons of both pre-design and custom-made vanities we will to talk about of them and will leave on you to decide which one is better.


          Pre design vanities are those vanities which are available in the markets and are sold by brands. You can buy them in every furniture markets. Some points about pre design or built in vanities are:


​          The producers of pre design vanities do not tell you what quality of product they are selling. You can never rely on the quality of pre made furnitures that are sold in brands and furniture markets.


          It is rarely possible that you may find a vanity and its design matches with your furniture’s design. The vanities that are sold in market are pre designed and this design will not be as same as your furniture’s design. This is where custom made vanities win over pre designed vanities.

  • SIZE:

          Finding a vanity whose size is perfect for your room size is another problem. The size of the room of every house is different and manufacturers only make standard size of vanity. It is possible that your room does not have a standard size and in that case it is not recommended to buy pre designed vanities.


          Custom made vanities are those vanities which are designed and made according to your requirements. These types of vanities are preferred for many reasons. Some benefits of having a custom made vanities are:


          The custom design that you choose for your vanity will be very unique and you will not find such designs anywhere else. The vanities that are sold in markets are common and you will find those designs everywhere. By getting a custom made vanity you will have a unique view in your house.


          When you are ordering a custom vanity for your room, you will select the size which perfectly fits for you room. This helps a lot when you have a limited space available in your room and you cannot install  vanity on any wall other than some specific wall.


          Know that custom made vanity is indirectly made by you. You can customize it in whatever way you want. You can add multiple drawers, customize mirrors and fancy stuffs.


          It is obvious that you will select the best quality of products to design a vanity. You don’t want to waste your money in some bad quality wood. On other hand, when you are buying a pre designed vanity, you don’t know what type of quality they are providing. So it is recommended that don’t waste your money in pre designed vanities. Consume some time and create a custom vanity of your choice. You will not regret it.


          By making custom made vanity you can introduce new ideas in the market. You can even start your own business and become a entrepreneur. Who knows that maybe your design becomes a trend someday.


          This article clearly proves that custom made vanities are best. Although they require more

Money and time but believe me it is worth it. The Quality of the product will be thousand times better than what you will get in the market. So don’t rush in market, call your carpenter and plan a creative vanity for you beautiful room. Surely your family will love it.




Everyone in this world has a different taste whether it’s in food, costumes, or even designs related to beds, walls and even the kitchen. Humans are mostly attracted to exotic designs.  We sleep in our beds everyday from 10 to 6 or if you’re a late night owl, then you wake up usually at around 2pm in the afternoon.  Rather than talking about your sleeping habits, the point is that you spend almost 40% of your life on a bed. But recently in the market, there are custom designs that are coming to the wall bed designing industry. Before this there were only beds either made out of steel or wood. In this article, we will be talking about seven custom wall bed designs you should know about.


Walls beds are simple beds that are integrated into the wall. When you fold them down they turn into modern designs of desks, tables and even sofas. They come in a variety of sizes, and offer maximum space and functionality.


Just like a regular bed, walls beds come in a variety of sizes ranging from adult sizes to beds for kids. When choosing a size, consider who will use the bed? Is it for the guests? Or is it for a daily basis. How much space do you have for maximum functionality? Always measure the space before you buy a well bed. A Murphy bed is a super save space that after being folded has enough space for you to walk around it. Measure the area where you will integrate your wall bed, that way you may know the accurate idea of how it will look when it’s unfolded. They come in three types of sizes.

  1. Twin
  2. Queen
  3. Bunk Beds


Twins or single wall beds are great for kids with limited space. These beds are great for children as they allow the children to make their creativity on such beds. These beds can be colored and stained. The twin bed can accommodate a single person.


              A Queen bed is a large bed. It can easily accommodate two people and even one single person can use it for himself comfortably. That is the reason such beds are called queen beds.


              Bunk wall bed is a set of two different beds one on the top of the other. Each bed can accommodate a single person. These beds are good for children and even for those who live in shared apartments.


              The wall beds are the image of creativity. They show how human can make things according to his comfort. Wall bed designs are the best option when you have limited space of room. You can simply get a wall bed and when you don’t want to use it, you can just change it into something else or maybe even just a wall. Different types and designs of wall beds are available and all of them have different purpose. Some of these designs are:


As the name suggest, these beds disappear when you fit them back into the wall. Meaning when you are not using your bed then you have a completely empty wall where you can put some other stuff temporary. The bottoms of such beds are painted just like the paint of your wall and the bottoms are also flat surfaces. So when you close it back into the wall, the bottom of the bed will just look like a part of the wall.


If you have a separate room for your children in your house and you are looking for a bed which they will love, then you should consider this bed. These wall beds turn into black boards when to close. You children can write and erase anything on the black bottom of these wall beds. Meaning your children can have a bedroom in night and a classroom during day time.


This one is very popular and quite useful as well. When your room is so small that you cannot put a sofa and a bed together at the same time, then you should consider a wall bed which turns into sofa when we close it. These types of wall beds are getting more popularity than ever. We can put two things in single room without getting more space.


These beds are tricky when they are closed. You can never tell whether the cupboard is a closet or a wall bed. These wall beds look like cupboard when they are closed. Don’t try to put your cloths in these cupboards because they just look like cupboards but they are not.


When you want to install a wall bed but don’t want to spend more money then you should consider a cheap wall bed. These beds don’t have any closing or opening mechanism .i.e. piston or springs. Meaning you have to open and closing it manually with some extra force. These beds are not reliable but they are good when they are cheap.


These beds give the perfect combination of office cabinets and a bed. On the two sides of the bed, there are enough shelves for you to keep your books. When this bed is closed it looks like some cabinets. When some guest visits your house, they will never realize that this cabinet like structure contains a queen bed in it.


These are the smallest of wall beds. They look like a small dressing cabinet when closed, and when you pull them out there mechanism look like some rolling spring.


              No doubt wall beds are the best choice for rooms no matter if you have enough space or not. These beds give some modern vibes when you enter the room.


What to consider while getting custom furniture

The most basic definition of furniture is movable objects. Some of the most common furniture includes chairs, stools, tables, beds and sofas.
Furniture has been an integral part of human society for as long as history remembers. The earliest of the furniture were rocks, tree stumps and other natural objects. Then around 30,000 years ago from current age, humanity started carving their own furniture out of rocks and trees.

Today’s furniture is made from many materials, including metal, wood and plastic.

Furniture is very important for living a stable life. Furniture is used for many things like sleeping, storing stuff, sitting and other basic activities. With the growth in science and human culture, man has developed different types of furniture and has also somehow linked furniture with religion. Man must have thought “Hey, we can make a religion out of this” and boom! A new religion is born!

In the recent years, the demand for custom closet has risen over the roof. If you’re looking to buy custom furniture, here are some of the things you should know:

How to choose a custom furniture?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a custom furniture for yourself and for your home:

1.      Custom means handpicked

Furniture is a very crucial thing for others in determining how you actually are, as a person. Strangers often judge a person by the clothes that person is wearing. Similarly, people who visit your home will judge you the furniture you are using. With the recent growth in culture and the introduction of new ideas and labors, finding a piece of furniture that fits your exact needs is tougher than finding a needle in a haystack.

2.      Saves time

If you’re thinking that it’ll take more time to order a custom closet, think again. Stock furniture may arrive early, but it’ll probably take you several weeks before you can decide what kind of furniture suits your needs and mindset completely. You can design every nook of your custom furniture, ultimately saving time for yourself and your future.

3.      Pay attention a complete theme

One of the main pros of having a custom furniture is the fact that you can have a complete theme for your house. If you’re a Pokémon enthusiast, you can order a Pikachu plushie, and a few other Pokémon related items and become the Pokémon Master of your dreams. Or you can go with a sci-fi setting and get yourself equipped with some really shiny stuff.

4.      It is better to buy smart furniture

The world is heading towards automation. Everything is automated these days. There is no difference in furniture too. You can add different devices to make your furniture move on your own will too. And then you can ask Alexa to play Despacito and the whole room will start dancing. Sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it?

5.      You can choose your size

Whether you want large furniture to fit your bungalow, or small miniature sized furniture that helps your apartment feel cozy and comfortable, custom furniture is the way to go. Stock furniture is available for only certain sizes, and there is a very big chance that it’ll not look good in your one room apartment.

6.      You can use space smartly

By choosing your size of furniture, you are the main factor behind choosing what you wish to choose for your room. If you have a big bungalow, you’ll want a different piece of furniture for different jobs. Otherwise, the bungalow will look empty and sad.

For a small room or building though, you’ll want to prefer maximum functionality in the smallest packet possible. Why not design a bed that has a sliding closet beneath it? Or something mechanical? Your imagination is the limit on what you can have done for your furniture.

7.      It will be worth the money you spend

You’re not ordering knock-off phones from China. Neither are you buying fast fashion goodies that are really inexpensive. You’re actually paying a lot of people to build a furniture that suits your needs completely. Your wish is literally their command. Your wishes don’t come cheap, now do they? The prices of custom furniture sure might be really hurtful, but they’re something that you have to deal with, if you want custom stuff.

But on the bright side, you’ll probably not need to buy furniture again for a couple years or even decades.

8.      You choose your material

Best thing about custom furniture is that you can choose your own material to get your furniture made out of. No more need to worry about buying “high quality” furniture that turns out to be made from really weak wood. You can literally ask to get your furniture made out of anything you desire. Even diamond! The one from Minecraft obviously!

Where to buy Custom Furniture?

If you think that you are ready to buy custom furniture, look no further. Armadi Casa has the best furniture for your needs. Armadi Casa offers a very huge variety of custom furniture, all following the same theme: Modern Miami.

Armadi Casa is a premium modern custom furniture store in South Florida. Since ArmadiCasa was established, we have succeeded in meeting the requirements of many people and therefore guarantee customer satisfaction.

By utilizing state of the art technology we guarantee that all of our premium furniture is of the highest possible standard. Everything is built using high quality material and we can assure you we are the top manufacturer of custom closet in Miami.

Contact us in Miami to take a look at some of the best custom furniture available anywhere in the US.

We assure you that you will be pleased with our services. We have a well-experienced team of designers to help you build the best furniture for your unique home.


Why it is better to have a custom closet

A closet is literally defined as a wardrobe or a cupboard that is designed to store things. It usually comes with a door or a handle.  By design, the most popular type of closet is a fitted closet that is built into the walls of the house. They’re popular because they take literally no space of the room, even if they are a part of that room. They take the space of the walls. Some closets are also built under stairs or tall places that usually go unused. These closets are called cubby-holes. An attic sometimes acts as a closet too, though it entirely depends on the residents of the house and their lifestyle.

Fun fact: back in 17th century, the word closet was used to mean toilet. Modern day Indian English still uses closet to mean ‘toilet’.

Here are some type of closets:

  • Airing cupboard – a closet with a water heater
  • Broom closet – a closed that stores cleaning items
  • Coat closet – a closet that stores coats, hoodies, clothes and other accessories to protect from the cold or rain.
  • Linen-press closet – a closet that is designed for towels, washcloths, etc.
  • Wardrobe – a very small closet that is designed to store clothes.

And finally, a custom closet. Custom closet is a unique type of closet that is designed to help you – the user – save your inner-self by becoming everything ever wanted it to be. You can put all your custom furniture inside too.

Why choose a custom closet?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider yourself getting a custom closet for your home or for your office workplace:

1.      Different types of shelving

Shelving is the support system that helps you divide the closet into different sections, or divisions. These are also known as shelves. There are three unique types of shelving systems for custom closets, each with their own advantages and disadvantages:

Wire Shelving – The most balanced type of shelving is wire shelving. As the name suggests, wire shelving uses a wire to make different shelves. It is not very difficult to install, but can’t hold much weight.

Woof Shelving – The toughest type of shelving is wood shelving. Though sturdier than wire shelving and can handle more weight, it is more expensive. Considerably more expensive, if you’re living in an area where wood is expensive.

Tube Shelving – The easiest to install shelving is tube shelving. It is basically like a LEGO version of shelving. You should need to combine or move a few pieces and you’re done.

If you order a custom closet, you can choose any of these types of shelving, howsoever you wish.

2.      Is cheaper in the long run

Furniture is one of the many few things that should be carefully thought out before buying. And custom closets are even more difficult to think about. I mean, sure: custom closets may cost more initially, but they are cheaper in the long run. Repairing and mending the broken parts of a custom closet are easier than trying to repair a stock closet.

Plus, you don’t need to go shopping for rare parts if you know what kind of material you designed your closet from.

3.      Look visually more appealing

Custom furniture look more appealing visually. Because they’re customized according to your needs, you can install and modify anything you wish, according to your needs. And we all know that you have excellent design sense.

4.      Can become more spacious

Custom closets are more spacious than normal closets. This is because these closets will fit all the walls and sides of the room you’re placing it in. The more the space, the better for you in the long-run, after all.

5.      It will last longer

Custom closets may last longer than normal stock closets. Just think about it. One of the most factor to consider here is the fact that you can choose what type of material you can use for your closet. Whether it be made from wood, or stone. Heck, if you’re a Minecraft player, you’ll want a diamond closet.

6.      Become popular in the neighborhood

If you’re looking for something that might help you become the coolest family in the neighborhood, look no further. Custom furniture are really special and are custom-built according to your needs. You can then invite your neighbors to your house and flex your modern designs in front of them.

7.      Lets your imagination run wild

In the 21st century, humanity has all the tools that it’ll need to build the closet of your dreams. Want a smart closet that opens and closes to your commands? DONE! Want a closet that will never open unless you say the secret passcode? DONE! Nothing’s impossible in the modern society.

Where to buy Custom Closets?

If you have finally decided that you are going to buy a custom furniture, we have the ultimate destination for you. Introducing Armadi Casa. Armadi Casa offers a ton of different closets, each following the same theme: Modern Miami.

Our closets are designed in many shapes, and sizes, but most importantly: our closets are made entirely for you.

Armadi Casa designs the most beautiful, modern custom closets with plenty storage room for everything. We make use of some of the finest quality wood and our team of experts furnish it smoothly with a stunning finish.

Contact us in Miami to take a look at some of the best custom closets that might be available anywhere in the US.

We assure you that you will be pleased with our services and we have a well experienced team of designers to help you build the best closets for your unique home. Just share the ideas that you have in mind and the experts will assure to convert your imaginations into reality.


New Telescopic Doors by Armadi

Our new telescopic doors are perfect creating flexible spaces. At ArmadiCasa we can help you use telescopic doors like this to divide a room and create new spaces. There are countless uses for our telescopic doors; improvise a bedroom whenever you need to accommodate a guest, add some privacy to your home office, enclose a living room and turn it into a studio by night.

With a variety of materials and finishes, our telescopic doors are sure to complement your existing space decor. Just come up with an idea, and the designers at ArmadiCasa will make it a reality.

To see this and many other innovations in doors and modern home furniture, visit our showroom at 2659 NE 189th Terrace, Miami FL 3180.


Wall Bed Unit Completely Customized

Wall Bed Unit completely customized


Presented here is one of our newest projects.

It’s a completely customized wall including a wall bed and storage above with push-to-open doors.

One side has shelves that are cut at an angle to match the walls, the other side features a spacious desk.

This is one of many different combinations that are possible with ArmadiCasa.

Call or come in for a free consultation and estimate.

Wall Bed Unit Completely Customized


ArmadiCasa To Supply All Furniture for 400 Sunny Isles Miami Condo

At Armadi Casa, we are proud to have been selected as the furniture provider for the brand new, state-of-the art new condo development 400 Sunny Isles. Armadi Casa will be designing, manufacturing and installing the modern furniture standard with each unit.

Armadi Casa Sunny Isles 400 Condo

Each unit will include a custom made kitchens, gorgeous walk in closets, bathroom vanities and a TV wall unit.


Fort Lauderdale custom kitchen

This is an example of another ArmadiCasa creation in the Fort Lauderdale area. 

A well balanced combination of a calming grey on the bottom and a shining white on top, all custom made according to the taste and wishes of the the client.  

Schedule an appointment today for a free estimate for kitchen, closets, wall unit, vanities and room dividers.  



Modern Kitchen in Miami Designer Home

Here is some inspiration for the contemporary modern customer.

A design that appreciates space and values utility, presented by ArmadiCasa.

If you like it, we know exactly how to do it. If you like to change it, we can change it as you like.

Modern Kitchen ArmadiCasa Modern Kitchen Miami ArmadiCasa Modern Kitchen ArmadiCasa Modern Kitchen ArmadiCasa


Custom Modern Contemporary Bed Wall Furniture in Miami

The bed was already in place and ArmadiCasa designed a wall unit all around the bed, adjusting to exiting measurements and furniture.

We have more than 20 different colors to chose from and any number of combination available to suit your needs.

Stay posted for more Miami highlights!

Come in for a tour of the showroom and a free estimate and create the furniture of your dreams!contemporary modern wall unit furniture miami contemporary modern wall unit furniture miami


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