Armadi Casa

About Us

The word Armadi means wardrobes in Italian. Armadi started manufacturing custom closets in Buenos Aires, Argentina more than 35 years.  In the year 2000, Armadi opened its first branch here in the US.  Located in the heart of Aventura, in North Miami, FL  a community with real estate construction projects and a blossoming economy, real estate developers, interior designer and consumers alike turned to Armadi for their superior closet design and attention to detail in a time where most alternatives where either low quality pre-fabricated junk or exorbitantly priced imported pieces. Armadi’s ability to locally manufacture custom furniture using high quality imported Italian materials came as a breath of fresh air to those craving a higher standard in interior design.

The marketplace was so happy with the quality of the closets that they requested — no, they demanded — for Armadi to start building more than closets. People wanted the same quality in their living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and every other room on their homes. That’s when Armadi changed its name to ArmadiCasa and evolved from being a closet company and  into a modern furniture manufacturer in general. Nowadays, ArmadiCasa designs and builds custom furniture for individuals, celebrities, hotels, malls, commercial and government buildings and more.

Each piece of furniture is a unique piece of art. ArmadiCasa’s master furniture makers carefully design each piece from the ground up to exactly fit the customer’s needs. Our highly trained carpenters combine their traditional wood working techniques with our modern industrial machinery to deliver one of a kind furnishings that add flair,  style, and value to the home in which the piece is installed.

ArmadiCasa is proud to serve the South Florida market. Our warehouse and factory employs more than 100 local residents. The staff consists of furniture designers, auto-cad experts, engineers, carpenters, architects, interior designers, installers, accounting and sales people. We try to return the favor by sponsoring local events and goodwill causes. We also encourage our employees to participate and give back to our community.

We are open from Monday to Saturday. Feel free to  give us a call to set up an appointment or simply pass by our showroom to see whats possible with ArmadiCasa.

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