Reasons for Choosing Custom Furniture (And Forget About Mass Produced Junk)

Custom furniture is used in every household to complete it. Before discussing what are the pros and cons of buying custom furniture you should first of all understand the importance of these furniture items.

Provide specific space for every item: You can not imagine placing a thing properly unless a proper space is provided for it in your home. Things like stereo, TV, books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, decorative items along with electronic items and even wine need a specific place to be placed at any location in your home. Custom furniture in your home can make it possible to place the things properly with the help of its shelves, drawers and cupboards etc. It is necessary to find the furniture of right size and shape to improve the looks of your home.

Improve the appearance of the space: If you buy custom furniture according to the style and décor of other items in the home then it can add not only to its appearance but to the overall value of the home. The color and material of the furniture should match with the interior of the home to give a suitable look to the home. You can decide about the design and type of furniture along with its material by observing the other things in your room. Your custom made furniture can allow you to place various types of things at different places to improve the looks of the interior of your home.

Provide additional space: Custom furniture can also provide additional space like small holes or shallow shelves to place small items. While creating custom furniture you can suggest the professional designers to create small spaces in it behind the false back so that you can put your collections like photos, dolls, magazines and coins etc. in them. These things can remain safe and sound in these places for long time. These small spaces can be created behind the entertainment unit to showcase your interest in collectibles.

Variety of furniture: You can find custom furniture in wide variety as along with entertainment unit you can also use them as work station at home office, bookcase, desk, laundry cabinet, bathroom vanities, bedside tables, kitchen worktop and various type of other tables etc.

Pros and cons of buying custom furniture


Custom furniture allows you to get furniture item exactly as per your requirements. You can get them made according to the size and finish required to match the interior of your home.Second advantage of custom furniture is that it is normally less expensive than people usually think of. In fact if the ready-to-use furniture does not match to the décor of your home then you may have to spend more in making it suitable for the location. So it is better to get customized furniture to save money and effort required otherwise.


You may have to wait till the furniture of your choice is made.You may not a clear idea of the custom furniture if you are not an imaginative person. The cost of custom furniture made by top brands may be higher than others.

Reasons to choose ArmadiCasa for custom furniture

There are a number of manufacturers of custom furniture are available these days. But while buying it you must look for a reputed manufacturer like ArmadiCasa, who has long standing in the industry of manufacturing custom furniture. We at ArmadiCasa are manufacturing custom furniture as per the requirements of our customers in Miami since the start of our operation over 35 years back.

Technology: At ArmadiCasa, we make each and every piece of custom furniture to meet the highest standards of the industry by using the latest technology popular at that time. We use high quality materials in our Miami factory to create custom furniture of your choice. The team of our designing professionals considers all the factors from different angles while designing the furniture so that it can fulfill all of your requirements.

Design: The custom furniture manufactured at ArmadiCasa assures the increase in the productivity of its customers. Whether you use it in your home or office you can achieve the things what you want to as your right posture enables to do the things actively.

Price: You can compare the price of custom furniture made by us with that of others before buying it to know how much you can save by buying it from ArmadiCasa. You can easily choose the best manufacturer of custom furniture after comparing prices of different manufacturers. Since the inception of our operations we have served a large number of satisfied customers. So to be one of these satisfied customers you can call us for making the custom furniture of your choice.

Availability: We at ArmadiCasa are ready to produce wide variety of custom furniture for your home as well as office space. You can get the furniture of your choice within the shortest possible time on the basis of the expertise of our designing professionals and skilled artisans.

Complexity: If you are dreaming to have furniture with complex design even then you should not hesitate in contacting us as we have experienced designing professionals who can design it after understanding your requirements. We have developed great experience by designing furniture of different designs and styles as per the requirements of our customers. Moreover if you are unable to suggest some specific furniture design for your place, residential or professional, even then you need not worry as our professionals can suggest you suitable designs after visiting your location.

Contact at (786) 871 2233 to discuss your custom furniture needs for your home or office. We assure that you will enjoy the comfort provided by the custom furniture made by our craftsmen in our Miami factory.


Walk In Closet Design Considerations

Planning a walk-in closet can be a daunting task unless you are lucky enough to have enough space for it in your home. If you have enough space for a walk-in closet even then it is not easy to start planning to make the space beautiful as well s functional for you unless you have contacted some experienced interior decorator like ArmadiCasa who are making custom furniture in Miami since over 35 years. The design professionals of ArmadiCasa know how to plan your walk-in closet. Some tips suggested by our professionals, which should be kept in mind while planning the layout of your walk-in closet, are provided in this write up for you consideration.

Main Points to Consider While Planning a Walk-In Closet

Shelves and hanging rods should be located near the entrance of the closet to let you feel openness after entering it. Allocate the space above hanging areas for storing folded items and purses etc.A built-in dresser can be adjusted in the walk-in closet to make it more functional. In order to keep the related items close to each other and increasing the storage space adjustable hanging rods can be used.The top shelves of your walk-in closet can be reserved for surplus storage to store the items that are not used frequently like luggage or seasonal clothing

After keeping these planning tips in mind our customers can make a beautiful and well organized walk-in closet of their dream with the help of our professionals.

Reasons of popularity of walk-in closets

The walk-in closets designed by the professionals of ArmadiCasa are popular among stylish people due to various reasons like:

The provision of most organized and efficient space is the prime reason of the popularity of walk-in closets among our customers. A quiet space in your home inspires you to start your day peacefully. You can also sip a cup of coffee while selecting suitable outfit for the day in walk-in closet.You can make it according to your color preferences and the decor of your room.You can change the style of your wardrobe by adjusting the shelves and hanging rods of your closet.It not only improves the decor of your home but also its overall value.

So to fulfill all of these needs of our customers the team of our design professionals focuses on flexibility, efficiency, durability, adjustability and easy maintenance while planning a walk-in closet for our customers.

Looks and Shapes of Walk-in Closets

Most of the people buy a walk-in closet not only facilitate themselves but also to improve the looks of their existing home. For this reason ArmadiCasa produces walk-n closets in different shapes and looks for their customers. Brief information about some of the walk-in closets provided here under can help you in buying a suitable one for your home.

Mostly people having small space to spare for walk-in closet in their home go for one or two closets of this type to be placed near their bedroom or bathroom. Some of them, who have ample space to spare, may opt to transform their entire room into a master walk-in closet. These closets can be planned by our design professionals according to your needs and preferences.If you want to keep the room as it is then a walk-in closet can also be created by building cabinets behind its doors. You can enhance the functionality of your little office, reading room and even sitting room in this manner. Some of the people remove in-between walls and doors of their room to make a master bedroom with walk-in closet in continuity with their bathroom.

Reasons to choose ArmadiCasa for walk-in closet

We at ArmadiCasa have grown up as one of the main producers of modern furniture by producing custom furniture in Miami since over 35 years. We facilitate our customers beyond their expectations whether it is to decorate their kitchen or creating a walk-in closet in or beside their bedroom. We make it possible for you with the help of our design professionals and executing staff.

Features of the closets produced by ArmadiCasa

Customized closets: We at ArmadiCasa try to satisfy our customers by providing them closets of different types. We make high quality custom closets with the help of high quality materials in our factory located in Miami to offer to our customers as per their requirements. You can also contact us to have some special type of closet as per your requirements as we assure to deliver the best of our services in this regard.

Stylish and functional closets: We try to keep you organized all the time by providing you functional and stylish closets. Since our inception we have satisfied a large number of your customers. You are invited too visit our official site if you want a customized and functional closet of your choice. We can make and deliver your walk-in closet on order along with ready-to-use custom as well as modern closets in different designs. Our design professionals can also suggest suitable closets for your home, if you are unable to decide in this respect.

Beautiful closets at reasonable price: You should buy your closets from us as we offer produce high quality closets made from high class imported materials and sell them at very reasonable price. Whether you are planning to buy a customized closet or want to create a walk-in closet in your home you can avail our services anytime. Just contact us at our site or make a phone call on the numbers given here under to buy closets of any type at reasonable price.

Quick delivery: The last but not the least reason to choose us for buying a customized closet or creating walk-in closet in your home is that we deliver them as soon as possible. We try our best to let our customers stay organized for ever.

Thus after going through all the information provided in this wrote up you can easily know how to plan your walk-in closet with the help of the design professionals of ArmadiCasa.


Folding Doors Vs Sliding Doors

In fact the answer of should I choose folding sliding doors or sliding doors is not easy unless you compare them visually in closed condition. The pros and cons of both types of sliding doors including folding sliding door provided in this write up can also help you in deciding which of them you should opt for.

Pros and cons of sliding doors


Wider panels can be used in sliding doors to provide wider and unobstructed view even in closed condition. The pocketed sliding doors can open up to entire space by extending its opening They are genuine replacement of the traditional doors They are more versatile than folding sliding doors due to the separate tracks provided for sliding In-line opening and closing of these doors do not require any projection of the doors They provided opening up to two third of the total space They can be installed on a narrow width frame. They can be easily operated even with blinds and curtains Less structural issues are faced while installing them


The extent of view is blocked through these conventional sliding doors The installation of large panes depends upon the location and conditions They require deeper and wider track, especially in case of ripple sliding doors, for their proper functioning. Less wide opening in comparison to folding sliding doors Frequent operation of these doors is not as convenient as that of folding sliding doors

Pros and cons of folding sliding doors


They open up view upto 90% as they can be folded beside the wall You can easily bring in outside space into your room They can be used to move to and fro from room to the outer space easily They can be opened both ways inside or outside They are useful for smaller doors with opening less than 2 meters They improve connectivity between the home and the garden due to the possibility of clearer and wider opening They can also be used as back door by using their single fold only. They can work easily with blinds They can be installed easily on the sites experiencing difficulty in access When folded fully they provide wider opening than sliding doors.


One or both the sides of the doors are to be kept clear to stack them perpendicularly Your view gets obstructed in closed condition due to their joints Mostly you will have to look through keep closed doors at the places with colder climate They encroach into your living space when opened fully More frameworks are used in these doors as compared to sliding doors. Inward opening folding sliding doors disturb the inhabitants

So by comparing the pros and cons of both the sliding doors you can easily decide about the type of door will be suitable for you as per your requirements.

From where to buy doors of your choice

But after deciding the type of doors the next thing to be considered is from where to buy them. In fact it is advisable that you should by them from a reliable and reputed manufacturer like ArmadiCasa, who can guarantee his products. ArmadiCasa is a reputed manufacturer of all types of furniture and doors etc. as they are serving large number of satisfied customers in Miami since over 35 years. If you are panning to install doors at your home then you should know the reasons for which you should choose ArmadiCasa.

Reasons to choose ArmadiCasa for all Types of Doors

Availability of wide variety of doors: We at ArmadiCasa offer a wide variety of doors including sliding doors, folding sliding or bi-fold doors, doors for dividing rooms etc. to suit to all types of your needs. We use high quality materials to make all of these doors. We try our best to make the best doors to satisfy our customers not only through their good looks but also for their long lasting life. our doors may require no or very little maintenance throughout their life.

Superior quality: While making door sin our Miami factory our main focus remains only on their quality and for that reason we use high quality materials to make doors of any type. The doors made in our Miami factory last for many years after installing in the homes due to the use of durable materials in them. They neither create problems nor break soon after installation due to their sturdy material and quality workmanship of our professional artisans.

Use of latest technology: At ArmadiCasa, we use the latest technologies while manufacturing doors of any type to provide maintenance free and long lasting services to our customers. Our aim is to provide doors which require minimum maintenance like cleaning them occasionally to maintain their looks. You need not spend on the maintenance of the doors manufactured at our Miami factory as we are particular about the technologies required to make them maintenance free.

Doors of different designs: Along with sliding and folding doors we offer doors in wide range of designs and colors to suit your requirements and match to the environment of your home. The doors manufactured by our design professionals will certainly help in boosting the style and elegance of the place. You can find doors in our gallery as per the interior of your home as they are available there in various colors and designs.

Precision installation service: Along with manufacturing door in various types and designs we also offer installation service to our customers. Our experienced professionals are trained to install the doors of any kind with precision and ultimate care. In fact correct installation is necessary for long life of any door. Even a good quality door can not survive for long if it is not installed precisely. Our professionals use the best tools and techniques while installing your doors to ensure their long life.

So if you have decided to install sliding doors or folding sliding doors then you should not hesitate in contacting us at or make a phone call on our telephone numbers to enjoy the benefits of our quality and durable products and services.


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